Sunday, December 25, 2011


So, Christmas is officially over, and I hope that everyone that celebrates it had a wonderful day. I hope that gift giving went well, and I hope that the dinner was exquisite, the conversation jovial and the music tasteful. I've had a wonderful evening with wonderful people, which reminded me of the Christmas days of my past. However, what reminds me more of my previous Christmases is good jazz music. I understand not everyone is a huge fan of jazz music, but there is nothing more tasteful than jazz through the speakers while you soak up the intellect of your peers during the holidays. That's why when New Years Eve rolls around, I want you all to know that through my speakers, John Coltrane will be playing. I will be wearing an evening jacket, with the perfect ensemble, prepped and ready for the new year. I've never done anything big for the new years, so I don't see myself going that crazy this year either. However, I do plan to use my time wisely, and list all of my favorite things about 2011.

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