Wednesday, July 13, 2011


So I'm trying to figure out what to wear for the Fly Union show tonight at The Grog Shop (@grogshop). I still have a while to decide, but I'm not entirely sure. I was looking at another one of my favorite photo blogs (might be addicted): Black Fashion. Of course, the majority of those photos are women, it still gets me in the mood to do something crazy. The array of colors that the women on that website exert literally excites me. I'm not sure if it's the way they do it, or if I just didn't think it was possible to even wear those colors, but I'm constantly astonished by the ability of these women to look so great! The greatest part of these images is that there are only a few that are photographs of professionals such as models or celebrities. The majority of the people in front of these cameras are average folk like you and me. 

Unknown Girl ft. Crazy Skirt and Red Dodge. (above)
All credit due to owners of this photo.

That's what makes it all the more possible for me to wear something crazy tonight. While I've decided to extinguish my obsession of sneakers, I still love shoes. Instead of the cliche option of beat up J's, I could wear a slick pair of leather loafers. Then I remember that I'm going to be on my feet, dancing, standing and sweating for who knows how long. This begs the question: Can I wear something insanely pseudo-fashionable like the young men and women of Black Fashion, and still have it be useful? Fly Union, known for their pretty stylish line of MC's, are sure to attract Cleveland's finest style ninjas. There's no doubt that not only will the crowd be covered in sweat, but so will the three-man rap group. So no matter how fly (haha) anyone dresses tonight, it's not going to make them any less capable of perspiring all over their carefully picked outfit.

Fly Union's TGTC (above)
All credit goes to the owner of this photo.

So I guess the best thing I can do is wear something conservative, and take a butt load of outfits that I should have thought about. Expect photos in the future~

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